Listing-Full Service


The One Percent Solution- You Can Relax from start to finish, we handle all the details.


 Comprehensive & Unique Marketing Plan to Get Your Property SOLD!



Yes! we have a separate mission for our 1% solution, and deservedly so when we created the program, we had to ask ourselves, could we deliver Full Quality Service to a seller at 1%? Our answer is yes without a doubt.


TACHBO 1% mission is to help save time, reduce stress and improve sales outcomes for home sellers by delivering data-driven content and personalized recommendations.

Simply put, we inform and guide sellers to make better decisions and have a better home selling experience and we'll hold your hand through the entire process, we won't rest until your home is sold. We believe in putting our customers' needs first. There's no pay until your home is Sold. Every recommendation is based on what is best for the homeowner.  And best of all the Sellers save Thousands of dollars!



*1% Listing Fee, plus buyer broker commission


  This is all you pay!

If you were to choose the Platinum packages you can upgrade to the 1 % Solution Option, within 30 days. Receive full credit for the cost of 1% Option, at closing.


Minimum commission for 1% Solution is $3000.00


For additional questions or to register for 1% Seller Solution, please contact Broker.