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Real Estate Trends

Buyer Demand for Green Homes Trends Up

Based on client feedback, homebuyers are looking for neighborhoods to have access to highways (according to 82 percent of REALTORS), commutes that are short (81 percent) and walkability (51 percent), the report shows. Consumers continue to make it clear that environmentally-friendly features and neighborhoods are an important factor in deciding where and what home to buy, says NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall. REALTORS are leaders in the conversation about real estate sustainability, energy conservation, and resource efficiency, and will continue to promote environmentally-conscious strategies and best practices that benefit not just our clients, but also our communities. Continue reading ...

Real Estate Trends

Disruption In Real Estate

Over the last 15 years or so, technological advances have reshaped the norm in several industries. Banking, travel, the hotel industry, even the way we hail a cab-one by one, they've all undergone dramatic transformations thanks to tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a knack for upsetting the status quo. One industry that is poised to turn is the Real Estate Industry. The way home-buyers access property listings, information in all areas of Real Estate are now easily available to Sellers and Buyers. With tech-loving millennials leading the charge among home-buyers, it's safe to assume that further disruption in the real estate industry is inescapable but what's behind it? It ultimately comes down to three key factors that are driving the trend. Continue reading ...